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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 17, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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emerging from scenes like this, food arriving by the plane load, and what people are not seeing in hard-hit neighborhoods just a few miles away. shock and grief are now exploding into anger. spontaneous riots erupted on the streets. government buildings burned and there was even gunfire. officials are warning food convoys to increase their security as hunger and thirst take a mounting toll. >> they bring food here and hustle it. they sell at black market. >> reporter: the u.s. and united nations are working to set up food and water distribution sites but this are still many challenges. one u.n. official said the scene here is worse than the aftermath of the 2004 indonesian earthquake because there were at least local officials there to coordinate with. here the government is literally and figuratively in shambles. only half of port-au-prince's police force is on the street.
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haitian people know a little something about resiliency. they knew it before the earthquake and they certainly know it now as they have re-established a sense of community now beneath tents instead of in their homes, now destroyed. but they still need water, food and even medical care. this woman has a hurt leg. she can't walk. but she hasn't received any care. there were also more aftershocks. sending these jittery residents who were tapping a source of water briefly scrambling. bulldozers began attacking the massive debris, even when you couldn't tell if anyone was in it. adding to the general weariness here are the dead left on the streets or decomposing in their ruined homes. >> we have several people inside, under it. >> you can smell it. >> yes. >> reporter: those bodies are of this woman's four children. she wants to bury her children. >> yes. >> reporter: but amid the death, life here continues to renew itself. we found this woman nursing her
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new son born last wednesday in this makeshift emcampment the day after the earthquake. he and his family together starting from scratch. >> on the heels of lester holt's report, i'm joined now live by nbc's michelle kosinski who is at the airfield in port-au-prince. michelle, i know you heard lester's report talking about the desperation but all the recovery efforts. what are you seeing there from your vantage point today? >> reporter: hi, alex. you start to see really anywhere you go, whether you're driving down a road, even well outside of port-au-prince, people tend to be extremely friendly and generous and calm, even when they describe their dire situation. but you start to sense the desperation when they get word of some supplies at a certain point, and then everybody says, okay, i need to get there right now, and everybody goes there at one time. or they think that you have something to give them.
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you see it in their faces and in their words. but in speaking with them and talking to them, they do remain really calm and almost philosophical about the situation. there is not the sense of panic, of people running around and stealing from each other but you do see that at points within the city of port-au-prince. over the past couple of days, reports of armed gangs, guys with machetes walking around, escaped prisoners looting buildings, fights breaking out, especially at unorganized points of distribution. that's exactly the kind of situation that people coming in like the u.s. army are trying to avoid. i mean they need to set up a place where they can give it out, where people can wait in line and feel assured they aren't going to miss out but also where there is security there and adequate security to deal with crowds of hundreds and hundreds of people. i mean yesterday we went with the u.s. military to a brand-new installation that they had. it was only a couple of hours old. and they said that about 5:00 in the morning when they touched
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down in their blackhawk helicopters, 500 people from a neighboring town immediately rushed their landing area. the army had to put up this barrier of a bunch of chairs that they had found just in the immediate vicinity and all of the people were being very calm and polite, but they were willing to wait there for 12 hours in the blazing sun even though the army told them we don't have anything for you right now. you know, we'll have to set it up somewhere else but the people didn't care. they just feel the like if there was a hope that they were going to get a bottle of water right there because the u.s. army was there, they were going to wait for days, if necessary. so even when people are being calm and not seeming to be panicked, you still see signs of that desperation and the hunger and thirst that's almost everywhere you go, alex. >> all right, michelle kosinski. thank you very much. appreciate that comprehensive perspective. there is still hope this morning as the search continues in haiti for six missing students and faculty from florida's lynn university.
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they were on a humanitarian mission to help feed the poor but now they are the ones who need help. the parents of four students still unaccounted for say they hope the two faculty members also missing can help their kids. >> those girls are strong girls. those faculty members are -- we've been told one is a medical doctor. the other is a geologist and we have been told that they are unbelievable with survival skills. we hope and pray. hope and pray and we need this nation behind us. >> families of the missing loved ones also hold out hope because of what they're learning from the eight students and faculty who did escape from the rubble. >> we're hoping that as tom, one of the students who was rescued told us, the roof didn't pancake down. it collapsed at an angle since the hotel was built on a hill. so we're hoping that our daughters have found a pocket of air somewhere. >> right now two search and rescue teams hired by the university are in the region. one team is in the dominican
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republic, checking all the hospitals there to see if any of the students and faculty might be there. the other team is in port-au-prince. they are combing through the rubble of the hotel montana where they were last known to be. the stories of remarkable survival keep hope alive for the families of missing people. yet another one coming from port-au-prince university where a 29-year-old student was pulled from the rubble last night. she had been trapped between the second and third floors of the collapsed building for 97 hours. the rescuers from fairfax county, virginia worked nearly 30 hours of digging before they were able to rescue her. she was then taken to a field hospital for treatment. then there is the miraculous story of a baby who survived three days buried in earthquake ruins. earlier i spoke with mike amor, an australian tv reporter who helped pull baby winnie from the rubble. here's what he said about the amazing rescue. >> we'd gone to this area that was quite devastated to interview an australian aid worker. locals came up to us and said, "we're hearing a baby in rubble." so we went and investigated and,
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sure enough, we could hear this baby down down in this hole in a building that had collapsed down the side of a hill. it had pancaked, effectively. all the stories had become one. seen like we've seen so much in this devastation. we were in this awful position, how can we possibly leave this baby? so a member of our party, one of our translators, was able to jump in to the hole and began digging franticly and he was convinced that he was getting closer to her, that her cries were getting louder. i've got to be honest, i wasn't that convinced, yet all the rest of us were handing the rubble out. yet the next minute he cries out, i've got her, i've got her and handed out baby winnie to us. she was in remarkably good shape. we doused her with water, gave her some water. obviously she was very, very thirsty. the poor thing had been buried for three days, we believe, alongside the bodies of her parents and immediate family. there was an uncle nearby who
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recognized her and we gave winnie to him. we have followed up on winnie's progress in the last couple of days. she's doing very well. she's with her extended family who had given her up for dead, a family that had lost ten members. so that's their little miracle. >> that was part of my really illuminating and great discussion there with mike amor. we appreciated his time with us on msnbc. want to keep a close eye on things now in washington. we have the president at the vermont avenue baptist church. we don't know exactly when he's taking to the podium because we don't have one of the church programs in front of us. nonetheless we know that he will be speaking to the congregation about the relief efforts from the united states and haiti as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. ahead of tomorrow's national holiday celebrating him and his legacy. we're going to stay on top of this. when the president takes podium, we're still on it. when he gets there, we'll take you there, too. also in a few minutes we'll look at the food being given to the people of haiti. will it be enough to sustain
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them? we're going to continue to bring you live reports throughout the day, into the evening tonight on the efforts to save the people of haiti. let's look now at some of the other stories making news. first, from iraq, saddam hussein's cousin, the man known as chemical ali, was convicted today of crimes against humanity. he will be hanged for a poison gas attack on a kurdish town that killed 5,000 people. president obama after speaking in church will head to massachusetts today to campaign for democrat martha coakley. she's trying to win the senate seat of the late teddy kennedy. with two days before the election that race has become a virtual dead heat sta tisly as republican scott brown surges in the polls. first lady michelle obama turns 46 today. we wish her a happy birthday but the celebration started last night when the president treated her to a surprise party at a washington, d.c. restaurant. britain's prince william is making his first overseas trip on behalf of his grandmother queen elizabeth. the 27-year-old arrived in new zealand today for a three-day stop. he was greeted by the prime minister and a host of other dignitaries.
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from royal protocol to post-season pigskin. in 1 of 2 divisional playoff games yesterday, the new orleans saints blew out the arizona colts. the indianapolis colts stymied the baltimore ravens to move on to next week's conference championship. still ahead, homecomings from haiti. stories of people who survived the earthquake. plus the food for the needy people of haiti. what are the food stuffs that will keep them alive? we'll look tat here on msnbc sunday.
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today the u.n. secretary-general is calling the haiti quake one of the most serious crises in decades. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is now on his way to
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haiti to get a firsthand look at the damage. he said the agency is already feeding 40,000 people and hopes to feed 2 million within a month. u.n. itself lost at least 40 people in the quake, including its mission chief in the country. hundreds are still missing. a california man and his two daughters are back in san francisco after surviving the earthquake in haiti. they had been volunteering at a school that collapsed during the quake. they would have been buried in the rubble except they were running half-an-hour late on the day of the disaster. >> it was quite an experience. >> we are looking at the back side of the three-story building. one side of it. and it completely collapsed. >> he says he helped with triage at school as he planned a way to get his family safely back home. his wife stayed behind because she felt the need to continue with the rescue and relief operations under way. the red cross is certainly playing a big part in the
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humanitarian efforts under way in haiti. one official estimates between 10% and 20% of the red cross' initial aid package had arrived in port-au-prince by saturday afternoon. that's enough to help up to 60,000 people and there is certainly more help on the way. joining me now from washington, d.c., tracy rains, the director of the international response operation center with the american red cross. tracy, good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> there has to be a lot of challenges for you under way in haiti. top couple of challenges to get aid to those who need it. >> the good news is we are moving more today than yesterday and move than we did before that. we do have planes in the air and coming into the dominican republic which will stage and move into haiti over land. items are moving so we are making some progress which is great. >> one thing i know you brought there in studio, have you these emergency kits. that's something that's operational on behalf of the red cross. you've got emergency food kits, supply kits. tell us what you got there. >> well basically we have to
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prioritize by people's needs. one of the first needs after an earthquake like this is to allow people to drink clean water and to keep themselves clean to avoid any disease spreading. some of the things we have simply are cans to help people collect water. they collapse so they are small, flat when they have no water in them, then they fill up when they do. we also have water purification tap blets that can go in and help keep this water clean which is essential. we also have multi-purpose soap which seems very simple but again hygiene in the very beginning is one of the most important elements to avoid disease and people getting sick further from the earthquake. once people have food -- i'm sorry, once people have water you're going to want to have something over their heads. we have tarpaulins and blankets and things to put over people's heads. next thing you want is people to have food. we work with our partners to distribute food and also distribute things to help them eat, clean and cook the food.
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there's kits that come in together that are small and compact and allow people to go to the next step which is preparing food for themselves and eating. so that's some of the simple things we have at the beginning. many more to come. that's some of the simple things right away. >> a lot of people may be well intentioned and say, let's buy some of those supplies ourself and try to get it there. it has been suggested that that can be a logistical nightmare and really the preferable way is to donate cash to the red cross and other charitable organizations. do you concur with that? >> that's 100% accurate. that's 100% right. it is really -- you can see the logistical challenges we have with the systems that exist. adding to that system is really not the best way to go. it is 100% cash contribution if you're interested in supporting. >> echoing the sentiments of president bush saying cash is what we need. with regard to your logistical challenges, can it be enough from having clogged roads to not enough gasoline supply to get your workers out there, to
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really security which can be a tremendous challenge as well? >> i think all those things are definite challenges that we are facing. you can see it. the good news is with the red cross and the system that we have is we work with our partner with the haitian red cross who is of and part of the community to help us give information to people to help establish more safe environments to distribute these things and to help us get our things in to the country to the people that need them. most certainly there are logistical challenges but i think our system allows us to overcome some of those. >> i'm just going to ask in terms of any loss within the red cross, if you look at just basic government of haiti, been virtually decimated with buildings lost and they don't have the logistics to get that government up and running, everything okay with the red cross? >> as of now, question. the secretary-general of the red cross is fine. she's organizing her group to try to help us. we were very fortunate in our staffing that we're fine. that said, of course they are from haiti and are living in haiti so they are affected as
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well. it is a balance that we have but thankfully all of our staff is safe which we're very grateful for. >> tracy reines, director of international response for red cross. thank you. search crews from the u.s. rescue more people in haiti. we'll take a closer look at their heroic efforts right here on msnbc sunday. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill. it's proven to reduce the urge to smoke. seeing how chantix worked, i wasn't so afraid to try quitting again.
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today new word from the u.s. military on its recovery operation in haiti. right now some 5,000 u.s. military personnel currently supporting operations within haiti and from military vessels offshore. there are 30 helicopters making trips to haiti to deliver food, water and medical supplies. some 600,000 prepared meals, those mres, are expected to be delivered today. that's after 84,000 were delivered on saturday, and another 7,500 u.s. military personnel are expected to arrive some time tomorrow. right now the president's attending services in washington. as we give you a live look at things right now. we've been watching this, it is
11:23 am
a service that started about half-an-hour, 45 minutes or so ago. it is expected to not end until 12:45. the president will take to the pulpit at some time and speak to the congregation about the u.s. relief efforts in haiti as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush sat down with david gregory on "meet the press" one day after their news conference announcing the clinton bush haiti fund. the devastating earthquake struck during a pivotal time for haiti, a country struggling to turn the corner despite the widespread poverty and highest aids rate in the caribbean. >> before this earthquake we weren't talking about restoring it, we were talking about building a whole new country and there was a government plan that they developed in cooperation with the u.n. but it was their plan and what i believe will happen is that they will take all this devastation into account, all the work that has to be done and they will re-write their plan and they'll put it as part of building a new
11:24 am
country. >> nbc's mike viqueira joins me from the white house right now. mike, with a good morning to you. you know, yesterday i spoke with mike elliott, the international editor for "time" magazine, he said the irony here is haiti was at the precipice of hope here. it will really started to turning things around for this country, then this happens. >> absolutely. the united states has a long history, some of it checkered with the country of haiti. it's been a stubborn development there. of course president clinton was president when the united states military last had to have an intervention there surrounding the events on jean-bertrand aristide and his attempts to get back into power in 1984. president clinton has deep ties to haiti, we heard yesterday in news accounts he actual lly honeymooned there with hillary. he said how the cathedral they sat in at that time is now in rubble. president clinton has recently been appointed before the earthquake as special u.s. envoy
11:25 am
to haiti so he has a deep concern there and he knows of what he speaks. president bush had appointed president clinton and his father of course back in 2005 to oversee relief efforts on the u.s. fund-raising to relieve the suffering after the indonesian earthquake and resulting tsunami. president obama said yesterday it is a model that works based on the work that was done surrounding the indonesian relief fund. that's why he wants these two men, his immediate ped ses sores, to follow up and do what he this did in indonesia for haiti as well. you mention the president right now just up the street here in downtown washington near thomas circle. this was a previously scheduled speech at the vermont avenue baptist church, an historic church just up the street from the white house. he is to speak about the martin luther king, on the eve of the martin luther king holiday, of course comes tomorrow, a federal holiday here in washington and elsewhere around the country. but we do expect some remarks as you might expect about the situation in haiti. the president has been very visible, appearing each and
11:26 am
every day since the tragedy struck. his aides eager to outline the steps he's taking behind the scenes, telephone calls he's making, pledging an initial $100 million of u.s. funds. of course it will take a lot more than that and the president has reminded us of that time and time again. >> the president having a did he very busy day. then he takes off for massachusetts for a 3:00 p.m. rally for martha coakley. you can see more of the interview with presidents bush and champion at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. and again at 6:00 p.m. ahead we'll look at how you can donate to the cause. stick around, you're watching msnbc sunday. since arthur's been eating purina one, he has blossomed...
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makeshift tent cities. those tent cities continue growing today as people stream out of haiti's capital city of port-au-prince, all in search of shelter. by one estimate the quake left 1 million people homeless. today more aid arriving at port-au-prince's airport. some 200 flights are coming in and going out of that airport every day. keep in mind there is just one runway. many of those flights carrying vital food, water and medical supplies. the u.s. military and haitian government continue to set up relief outposts throughout the island. today the injured continue to stream across the border to the dominican republic in search of medical attention. the walking wounded pouring into the small dominican town that's now playing a big role in saving lives. helicopters, ambulances and trucks bringing the injured to the hospital there. one doctor, a surgeon, says he alone performed 50 surgeries on saturday. for more on all this joined live now by nbc's michelle kosinski at port-au-prince at the airfield with an update on all the relief efforts and
11:31 am
getting aid distributed to the most needy. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: it seems like this is the busiest airfield not counting the runways in the world right now. the constant chopper wind is a very good sign. that's the u.s. military bringing supplies to the places that badly need them. as busy as it is though, when you get out into the communities and places where you see very little aid taking an effect, each one of those choppers can only carry so much water, some mres. yesterday we were in a tent city of thousands of people when all of a sudden a chopper appears, drops out maybe 20 boxes of mres. that was what the chopper was full of. one full shipment. but was it enough by any means to feed those people? absolutely not. in fact, it caused fights. so right now the u.s. military is working on setting up a steady, safe, orderly distribution system with plenty
11:32 am
of security, alex. >> okay, certainly it is hard to get things done if they can't do it in a safe and secure manner. thank you for that update there from the airfield in port-au-prince. nbc's michelle kosinski. today there are more than two dez search and rescue teams in haiti busy franticly looking for survivors in the rubble. among those teams, an nooid fdny group who just arrived in haiti yet. they got right to work looking for survivors in a port-au-prince supermarket and this morning they pulled two people alive from the rubble. right now they are searching for three more known to be alive at this hour. joining us by phone, the chief of the special operations division of the new york police department, the nypd there joining in the efforts. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> do you have any updates, first of all of, on those that you are still looking for? >> well, at the grocery store, there was a third male that was extricated from the structure
11:33 am
bringing that to a total of two, one approximately 13-year-old female who had some leg injuries, and a total of two males. right now we have a team in a collapsed four-story structure, the crew is in contact with one individual inside and they are at this time trying to extricate him from that building. >> so we hope those efforts are certainly fruitful. charles, going back to the grocery store, is there reason to believe that there are other survivors still there? do you know any reports of the banging or tapping or any voices being heard? >> no, we don't have any information to that nature. we do have equipment that we sound devices that can actually pick up a heartbeat, as well as infrared cameras and so forth. so any void that we can get into to insert those cameras and so forth, that would have been done. >> yeah. charles, to what do you attribute the nypd and fdny's
11:34 am
special ability to do this so well that they are called upon by the haitians to come and help them out? is it really our experience through 9/11? >> not only that but it is the new york task force is well trained. what people do in training they seem to do every day in their normal course of their duties throughout the city. and it's a very cohesive, very expert -- there is a lot of expertise in this unit. >> what is the greatest challenge? even just logistically, charles, getting that kind of heavy lifting equipment, this is the kind of equipment you're going to bring with you that will help literally lift these thousands of pounds of concrete and rubble. is that a challenge, just getting it to where it's needed? >> well, we had no trouble with that. the challenges would be the structures and the way they were constructed. normally you would have rebar and quality cement and so forth. in these cases, you have to watch that when you lift something it just doesn't crumble on you.
11:35 am
it is very painstaking procedure to go very closely and carefully and ensure you're not causing further damage. >> if not hurting those who are trying to raid in the rescue efforts. >> yes. and -- but this is where their expertise comes in. >> yeah. tell me how many people are down there. >> we have a total of 80 members of the task force, comprised of fdny and nypd. there's four canine search dogs, as well as two doctors and four paramedics. >> yeah. charles, quickly, i know that logistically, even some members of our nbc news team, people have had to sleep out on just out in the open with blankets over them for some time. just logistically in terms of setting up the support needed for those 80 members of the team, do you guys have that all covered? >> that's all covered. that's part of the equipment that they take with them. cots and tents and so forth. but that being said, the initial team that went out yesterday was over 12 hours engaged in this
11:36 am
rescue. so there's not much down time once they go there. >> all right. chief of the special operations division with the nypd, thank you for your insights. best of luck in all your efforts in haiti. i'm going to take you back to the vermont avenue baptist church in washington, d.c. we still see the president as part of that church congregation. he'll be taking to the pulpit in just a short while where he'll be addressing everybody on what's happening in haiti. the u.s. relief efforts as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king. we'll be right back. stay with us on msnbc sunday. pipes might leak (pipe doctor) ask your doctor about treating with vesicare. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges or a day with fewer leaks or a trip with fewer overactive bladder problems. (pipe doctor) once daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to reduce frequent, sudden urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare.
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today by the thousands, haitians continue to flee the capital city of port-au-prince. some survivors jammed into wooden buses and open trucks scrambling to get out of there. others making the journey to what they hope will be safer and more stable ground on foot carrying with them what they can. for the oprince was once a city of 2 million. now many of those who remain are sleeping in the streets. they are afraid of persistent
11:40 am
aftershocks. we are heading right now just across the border from haiti to wnbc reporting in the dominican republic. tom, good morning. what's the latest from there? any updates on rescue an recovery efforts? >> good morning, yes, there is. about six haitian children were just medevac'd out from this location here, headed to santo domingo. it is really the images will break your heart. these are small children, maybe 2 to 3 years old with skull fractures, with face lacerations. these children seemed to be with their parents. they were just choppered out of here. you can just imagine a 3-year-old with their parent just having gone through an earthquake and now on a helicopter with cuts and bruises on their faces. you could just imagine what they are going through. but speaking of relief, i had the opportunity to speak to a former citizen of the dominican republic. he showed up here to the central command post for the dominican
11:41 am
relievest. here's what he said a short while ago about being here and wanting to help. >> well, i'm here because i was in the states when it happened and they came to my house. i'm really sorry for what is happening and this is why i came here to bring some -- to support all the people in haiti and bring some water, some food and to be here, too. i think it is great to see my people from the dominican see me. they came here and support them. >> you're bringing relief, some food, donations. personally here in the dominican republic you're neighbors with haiti. what's it been like personally for you to see your neighbors in haiti go through this horrible catastrophe? >> i mean it is really, really sad. it is sad when you see people like right by -- i mean haiti is like a brother to us and also in my house i have about four
11:42 am
people from haiti working in my house and they are beautiful people. they are great people so i am, like i say, that's why i came here, support them and i think everybody here dominican try to do the best they can. you can see all of the police did the men and all the people, president here trying to do the best he can to be here for all these people. >> finally, do you know if any of other other fellow major league players who are dominicans going to be providing support? >> oh, yeah. they'll donate something any way. i know that sammy sosa always help people. david ortiz always try to help people and many, many players for the dominican. i think when they come and they are going to try to do something for the people of haiti. >> reporter: that was major leaguer miguel tejada talking about why he's here and why he
11:43 am
wants to help the haitian people and why he thinks his other fellow dominican major leaguers. he mentioned david ortiz, big poppy and former major leaguer sammy sosa. the people have seen these images, they're showing up now in the country, here in the border towns and they want to put their money where their mouth is and they want to help those people in haiti. >> let's help all those athletes can bring some money and much-needed attention to haiti. we're keeping a very close eye on the president who is still at the vermont avenue baptist church just down the road from the white house. he is expected to the take to the pulpit any time now and speak to the assembled congregation about the relief efforts in haiti as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king. this one day ahead of our federal holiday tomorrow celebrating that. so when the president takes to the pulpit we're going to take you there live. meantime, we're just taking a very short break to pay some bills. we'll be right back. fancy feast appetizers.
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for the first time today, we
11:47 am
are seeing what it is like inside of one of haiti's largest makeshift tent cities. some 50,000 people now estimated to be on this particular hillside overlooking haiti's capital city of port-au-prince. you would never know it now but this was, until tuesday, just before 5:00, a gulf country club complete with a pool. paratroopers of the u.s. 82nd airborne division have now set up a base for handing out water and food on site. the global response to the haiti earthquake could never match the overwhelming tragedy of lives lost and thousands struggling to survive. aid is coming in on cargo planes, military convoys as well as on social networking sites like twitter and facebook. almost as unspeakable as this catastrophe is the fact that some people are trying to make a profit from it. cnbc's carmen wong ulrich joins me. also andrew is the director for policy communications on facebook. carmen, how do you make sure the
11:48 am
people to whom you are donating? >> have you do your research. i wish i didn't have to say that. this is when folks want to take advantage of you. make sure you don't just click, respond or give to mass e-mails or even on a social networking sites. you want to go directly research the organization online and go to the original site of the organization and go to to look up the organization and make sure it is legitimate. >> andrew, what's facebook doing? all these social networking sites are getting involved. >> sure, what we did wednesday night was we launched disaster relief. on that page, people can visit a number of resources and to speak to the point of the scams for minute, if you go to the global relief -- disaster relief page on facebook, you can connect directly with groups like red cross, different groups that have a presence on facebook.
11:49 am
and you can be assured that if you are going to those resources from our page, then they are -- obviously are not scams. >> okay. that's what facebook pretty much has that thing solidified. for anybody out there that's looking for a reputable place to go, give me a red flag someone sees that and says don't go there. >> here is a strange red flag. you may think this does not sound like a red flag but it is. if it says 100 had 00% of your money is going to go to help, it is just not possible. there are administrative costs and transportation costs and so have you to be wary of the big promises up front. you want to give to charities that don't take 50% to their own pockets but be careful about the promises being made. you want to make sure the organizations have a ground force or have a presence there in haiti now because they are going to be most able to get the help to them right away. >> yeah. andrew, with regard to the social networking sites, it had been a very quick way for people to convey messages as well to more people. talk about that p and what we are seeing in haiti.
11:50 am
>> absolutely. what we saw moments after the earthquake was that people were flocking to facebook to post messages, try to connect with loved ones, either on the ground there or new people there. we were seeing -- we are still seeing about 1,500 status messages per minute on facebook referencing the word haiti. people, obviously, have used the -- our platform to reach out to loved ones, to share photos and video. and other resources that the response has been overwhelming. >> okay. i want to thank you both for coming in here where we can help and what to watch out for. just in case. carmen wong ulrich and andrew noyes. thank you. on wednesday, the president marks his first full year in office and faced a number of challenges, including two wars and the economy. the not always publicly popular push for health reform. that initiative is literally on the line today as the president heads to massachusetts to try to convince voters there to keep
11:51 am
ted kennedy's senate seat in the hands of democrats. i'm joined live by mark lamont hill, columbia hill university. good morning. the president won the office on this platform of change. if health reform stalls does it send a message to washington? >> the president and democratic party decided together they must pass some form of health care reform no matter what it looks like, something has to be passed and signed into law because they truly believe even though the polls show that the public is against them on health care reform that if they fail to act, they will -- they will suffer more politically for failing to govern than if they pass something. they -- that's why you see this tremendous 11th hour push. fearing that they might lose ted kennedy's seat and lose their 60th vote in the senate. that's why you see them --
11:52 am
resorting to all sorts of plan bs to make sure this gets over the finishing line. >> well, health care notwithstanding, what about this? the reason polls showing that just 39% of americans would reel tekt president now were the 2012 election were held today. 50% saying they would vote for someone else. i want to point out it is a lot easier to get a margin like this in a vote when you don't have a specific name that you are pitting the president against. we have to be clear there. other than that, the general consensus, what do you read into these numbers in terms of sentiment out there? >> well, again, the polls are always the snapshot of the political moment. and it seems to be that the -- the public is against barack obama's policy agenda right now. they still find him enormously likable. they are disappointinged with health care. all the teeth that has been taken out of the bill. many people stand against the president on the health care. to referendum on the job market. people are unemployed or underemployed. as such, it is difficult to have a high approval rating when people aren't working. this is relay snapshot of the moment i don't think that he will be prisoner to that snap
11:53 am
shot because a year from now things will be turned around and midterm -- after the midterm president obama will be on the right track. right now president obama has to keep his eyes on jobs and foreign policy, and also health care initiative. >> yeah. as we take a look at the president right now offering you a live look at the president at the vermont avenue baptist church in washington, looks like he's taking part in a hymn singing there. he will be taking to the podium and addressing the congregation. meantime, when the president was elected during the naug nation many suggested americans ushered in a new racial post society. what do you think changed and what has not changed over the past year? >> well, i don't think that we are in a profoundly better place. i don't think that we live in a post-racial nation having elected bark. there has been a lot of other crushing issues that have taken up all of the space. yoyng that president obama wanted to come in and start trying to heal the nation in
11:54 am
terms of the issue of race. but he had no choice but to delve into other matters. there have been a few scrapes along the way. obviously, the -- incident with professor gates in massachusetts and this recent issue last week with the senate majority leader and his comments that were printed in a book. i think that most americans are obviously -- we are dealing with the economy and that is an emergency. it is a crisis so large that even if the president obama wanted to try to make progress on the issue of race, i don't think that he could. >> all right, guys. we are going to have that be a wrap now. a.b. stodard and mark leomont hill, thank you for wearing in. as we keep a watch on the president now, tonight we are programming -- tomorrow night, chris matthews and radio host tom joyner will host a two-hour special exploring the most pressing issues regarding race. 10:00 eastern only on msnbc.
11:55 am
i'm aeblgs wit and that's wrap for me this hour. jeff rossen takes over at the top of the hour as we leave you with a picture of the president. we will take threw live shortly. stay with us on msnbc.
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11:58 am
well come come back to our special coverage this sunday afternoon. live picture from washington, d.c. president obama is at a church service and is expected to speak at any moment. when he does he will bring his comments, including the latest from the haiti recovery and relief effort to you. as we continue to watch the president there in d.c., good afternoon, i'm jeff rossen on this sunday afternoon. we want to get to the latest headlines out of haiti. five days since the powerful quake pouring in. five makeshift medical centers treating the wounded. 250,000 people were hurt. also today 14 distribution checkpoints have been set up. helping to get much needed food, water and medical supplies to
11:59 am
the needy. and today time begins to run out. more than two dozen international search and rescue teams are searching for survivors in the rubble. want to take balk now live to washington where president obama is beginning his remarks at the vermont avenue baptist church. let's listen to the president. >> thank you for making us feel that way. to pastor wheeler, first lady wheeler, thank you so much for welcoming us here today. congratulations on jordan denise aka cornelia. michelle and i have been blessed with a new nephew this year as well, austin lucas robinson. maybe at the appropriate time we can make introductions.


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